A Flawless Supply Chain in the ESG Era

Navigating Supply Chain, Fostering Sustainability. Technological Innovation for an ESG-compliant SCM.
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Achieving ESG Outcomes through Digital Transformation

Why Attend?

Achieving a balance between maximizing production and adhering to strict ESG standards is more essential than ever. This webinar provides an in-depth exploration of how digital advancements can transform supply chains, making them more efficient and aligned with environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and the utmost ethical guidelines.

Who Will Benefit?

This event is a must-attend for professionals engaged in:

  • Outsource Manufacturing
  • Procurement and Purchasing
  • Digital Transformation Initiatives
  • ESG Strategy Implementation

Whether you steer your organization towards digital acceleration or are keen on integrating ESG principles into your business operations, this webinar will provide the insights and tools you need.

What to expect?

What’s on the Agenda?

  • Strategies for Overcoming Supply Chain Challenges: Explore innovative approaches to tackle recent supply chain disruptions and reduce Scope 3 emissions.
  • Innovative Tools and Data for ESG Advancement: Uncover new digital tools and data analytics techniques that can propel your ESG efforts forward.
  • Success Stories in ESG-focused SCM: Learn from real-world examples of how tailored supply chain solutions can meet diverse ESG requirements.
  • Transforming Supply Chain Processes: An examination of how supply chain processes can evolve to support ESG goals.
  • The Future of ESG and Supply Chain Integration: Hear predictions from leading experts on how ESG principles will continue to integrate with SCM.

Why eMoldino?

At eMoldino, we bridge the gap between OEMs and their suppliers with a cutting-edge tooling digitalization solution. We empower you to make informed decisions that enhance sustainability, asset management, production efficiency, and operational excellence by harnessing real-time data. Unsure about the status or location of your outsourced molds? Still reliant on outdated supplier collaboration methods? If you’re seeking production certainty and control, eMoldino is your solution.

Meet our speakers

Chris Hagler

Practice Leader, Climate Change, and Sustainability Services
EY Southeast

Head of ESG & Impact
Independence Point Advisors

Wolfgang Lehmacher

Former Director, Head of Supply Chain & Transport Industries
World Economic Forum

Executive Advisor, Business Angel
Wolfgang Lehmacher

Gabriel Tejada

Account Executive, SaaS Implementation Consultant
eMoldino Co., Ltd.

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